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Woodside Primary School

Sports Premium

Croydon Sports Partnership

We are working closely with Croydon Schools Sport Partnership whose aim is to achieve high quality physical education and school sport in all schools, and to enable sport to be used in improving all areas of a pupil’s development. The greater vision is of working in close partnership with schools, associations, community clubs and volunteer organisations to create opportunities for all pupils in Croydon. The excellent links that have already been established are enabling children throughout the Partnership to access a great array of sporting opportunities and to get involved as leaders inspiring younger pupils through sport. 

National requirements for swimming and water safety:  
% of current Yr 6 who can swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres 69%
% of current Yr 6 who can use a range of strokes effectively 60%
% of current Yr 6 who can perform safe self- rescue in different water based situations 70%

We have used funding to provide extra sessions for water safety and self- rescue for Yr 6 (2 extra sessions), Yr 5 (3 extra sessions) and Yr 4 (8 extra sessions).