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School priorities

  • Narrow the gap in attainment of pupils entitled to the Pupil Premium Grant
  • Narrow the gender gap
  • Focus on SEND progress and attainment
  • To develop and extend pupils’ vocabulary and continue to develop a reading culture across the school
  • Develop independence, challenge and choice throughout the curriculum
  • Improve attendance across the school
We like to ensure that pupils:
  • Respect others beliefs/values/feelings
  • Enjoy learning about themselves and others
  • Use Imagination/creativity and are developing curiosity in their learning
  • Are willing to reflect on their experiences
  • Recognise the difference  between right and wrong
  • Understand the consequence of their actions
  • Are interested in investigating and are able to offer reasoned views about moral and ethical issues
  • Can use a range of social skills (working with others from different religions, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds)
  • Can co-operate with each other and can resolve conflicts effectively
  • Are interested in and understand how others function
  • Understand and appreciate the range of cultural influences that have shaped our heritage
  • Are willing to participate in and respond to artistic, musical, sporting, technological, scientific and cultural opportunities
  • Are acting as role models for others
  • Have a voice that is listened to
  • Visit local councils, places of worship
  • Have access to an appropriately broad and balanced curriculum to help prepare them for life in modern Britain
  • Know how democracy works in Britain.