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Our Team

Leadership Team
Associate Headteacher -Ms. Fleary-Tayabali Deputy Headteacher -Ms. Byrne
Assistant Head- Ms. Humphrey Assistant Head- Ms. Reed
Assistant Head- Ms. Everett Assistant Head- Ms. Robinson
Assistant Head- Ms. Lillo  
Year 6  Team
Year Group Leader- Ms. Mann Ms. Lula
Ms. Fisher & Ms. Humphrey  
Year 5 Team
Year Group Leader- Ms. Kayleigh Lodge Ms. Krishnan
Mr. Clark  
Year 4 Team
Year Group Leader- Mr. Clemenson Ms. Hensler
Ms. Malik  
Year 3 Team
Year Group Leader- Ms. Chaudhuri Ms. Agina
Ms. Hacche and Ms. Reed  
Year 2 Team
Year Group Leader- Ms. Heywood-Mahe Ms. Feroze
Ms. Jones  
Year 1 Team
Year Group Leader- Ms. Sales Ms. Bernard
Ms. Beniusyte Ms. Rookimn
Early Years Team
Ms. Balfour and Ms. Everett  
Ms. Sebastian Ms. Patel
Learning Support Team
Ms. Amor Ms. Bailey Ms. Norman
Ms. Brockman Ms. Brown Ms. Norris
Ms.  Denman Ms. D'Souza Ms. Paracha
Ms. Ellis Ms. Ford Ms. Patterson
Ms. Gaughan Ms. Georgiades Ms. Pearcy
Ms. Georgiades Ms. Gill Ms. Preece
Ms. Harris Ms. Howe Ms. Timms
Ms. Marchant Ms. Saunders Ms. Rookmin
Ms. Thomas Ms. Neville  
Ms. King Ms. Lee  
Ms. Boapeah Ms. Vincent  
Ms. Large Ms. Barakeh Ms. Chambers Ms. Katsaounis
Office & Site Teams
Ms. Burns Ms. Floodgate Ms. Walker
Ms. Hewitt    
Mr.  Ennis Mr. Escrader