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Woodside Primary School

Other support and advice for families

These continue to be very challenging times for everyone with the increase in the cost of living but there is a lot of help available. Just click on the link which will take you to a page containing website and contact details of a number of organisations to go to if you need help or advice, both locally and nationally:

Money & Debt - advice, information and resources to help you manage your money.

Food - list of local free or low-cost food schemes including a link for low-cost recipes ideas.

Energy Support - information about local and regional schemes to help you reduce your fuel bills

Housing - advice on homelessness, private renting and eviction. Includes a directory of Warm Spaces in Croydon.

Health and Wellbeing - support for mental health, including help with a mental health crisis or emergency

Families - parenting advice and support. Also includes details for clothes and hygiene banks.

Support and Advice Groups - support for individuals in their time of need including victims of Domestic Abuse and Sexual violence..  

Getting Help

We understand that it can be hard to talk to someone about the difficulties that you and your family may be facing. People often try to sort things out themselves or hope that their worries will go away and do not seek help until the situation has become very difficult. Whatever your circumstances, we would encourage you to seek advice before things become more difficult. There is no shame in seeking support and both the school and the organisations listed in the links above, will help with sensitivity and confidentiality.

Please talk to us about your concerns so that we can work together to get you and your family the best possible support.

You can pop into the school office or email and ask to make an appointment to see Mrs Georgiades.