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Woodside Primary School

Woodside Surplus Food Store


We are pleased to continue working in conjunction with The Felix Project, a London charity which rescues surplus food from supermarkets and delivers to organisations to redistribute within their community. Help us in the fight against food waste and visit The Woodside Surplus Food Store.

Our Surplus Food Store is available in our Community room;

Every Wednesday and Thursday between 8.45am – 9.15am and 3pm - 3.20pm

Polite reminder - We are operating a ‘pay-as-you-feel’ model whereby you pay what you can afford for the food and the money will go towards buying produce that we wouldn’t usually receive through the project such as pasta and other non-perishable goods. Please bring your own bags and if you are able to donate any spare bags, they would be gratefully received. 

We know how hard things are for many families right now - if you are finding things particularly difficult financially, please come and see Mrs Georgiades. Also look out for communication through Arbor and future Newsletters for links to other organisations that may be able to offer further support.