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Woodside Primary School

Year 6

Autumn Term

Our aim at Woodside is to plan learning in a cross curricular way in order that children can make links as they go along.  We plan in opportunities for collaborative work and lots of discussion and feedback (from child to child as well as from adult to child) so that we can all support one another in our learning. We have high expectations of everyone and aspire to achieve the highest possible outcomes.

During the first half of the Autumn Term, the whole school used the book, ‘The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse’ as the core text around which our learning took place. In year 6, the themes of despair, hope and friendship were explored through art, where the children produced a painting exploring two extreme feelings: hope and despair, through interpretive dance in PE, role play activities and in our Well-Being lessons.

In Autumn 2, our core text is Trash by Andy Mulligan. We will be will be learning about the history of Brazil and the colonization of it by the Portuguese.  The learning will be about the indigenous population of Brazil before colonization and about the impact of slavery on the population, economics and industries before we investigate the lasting legacy of the slave trade on modern day Brazil. In art, we will each produce a piece of art work based on the Brazilian artist, Eduardo Kobra. These individual pieces will then come together to form a collective piece of street art. 

In RE, our focus will be on the central beliefs and practices of Judaism, including significant celebrations and in PE, we will practising variety of football skills as well as working on improving our stamina to complete cardio work outs.

Our science topic in Autumn 2 is Evolution and Inheritance. We will find out about Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution as well as compare inherited characteristics with acquired characteristics. We will also research variation and adaptation across different plants and animals.


An integral part of a successful Year 6 is a committed home school partnership,  which will involve revision and homework tasks completed to a high standard.  Your teachers will be available to give assistance where necessary (to both parents and children). However, it is important for you to be an active learner and ensure you spend time working on your targets at home as well as in school.  Please make sure that you read for at least 30 minutes every day and try to read a range of different genres. Also, if you are still unable to recall your multiplication facts at speed, you should devote time to this every day. This is a vital skill that will assist you in many areas of maths, but it requires regular practise and dedication. The character skills of mindset and integrity should be put to good use for this.

If you would like to see some of the speeches delivered by children in year 6 last year, please follow the links below:

Bubble 1a     Bubble 1b     Bubble 2a     Bubble 2b     Bubble 3a      Bubble 3b     Bubble 4

To see some of the Artwork produced click below:

Bubble 1     Bubble 2     Bubble 3     Bubble 4