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Woodside Primary School

Year 2

English, Maths, Phonics and Reading lessons take place each day. Children take part in writing every day, often linked to their topic, with an extended piece of writing set and developed each week. Topics include Roll up, Roll up, which is about circuses and the history of the Crystal Place. There is also a topic on Helping Heroes, which uses the Power of Reading book Traction Man to engage the children. Foundation subjects such as History, Geography and Music continue to be taught, as often as possible in a cross curricular way.

Home learning is set every week, with children expected to record two pieces of work in their home learning logs. This is usually English and Maths, but will sometimes be other subjects. Children are expected to read a new reading book every day, and their parents record this in their Reading Records. As their reading progresses and they take home longer chapter books, they may change their books slightly less often, although they will still be expected to read at home each day. Certificates are awarded in assembly for children who practise their reading daily.