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Woodside Primary School


Welcome to Woodside Primary School, we are really proud of our school.  Woodside Primary School strives to be an outstanding school at the heart of the local community in which every child is empowered to have self-belief and to aspire to achieve her/his highest potential.  As part of the Inspire Partnership Academy Trust, the governing body has oversight our school.  The details of our remit are set by the Trust board and are detailed in its scheme of delegation.

Our Chair of Governors is Sian Marshall
If you wish to contact the governing body please email (clerk) or

The Governing Body of Woodside Primary School:

  • is accountable for the performance of the school to parents and the wider community
  • plans the school’s future direction
  • monitors, audit and intervenes on safeguarding and health and safety issues
  • selects the head teacher
  • makes decisions on the school’s budget and staffing including the performance management policy
  • makes sure the agreed Curriculum is well taught
  • decides how the school can encourage pupils’ spiritual, moral and cultural development
  • makes sure the school provides for all pupils including those with special needs

Governors at Woodside aim to ensure that our children experience a secure, safe and stimulating environment by providing an exciting curriculum within a caring and secure environment, we aim to ensure that each child can reach his or her full potential in every aspect of their development whilst at our schools.

We nurture and support children of all abilities, helping each to achieve her/his potential in all aspects of learning and physical, social, emotional, moral and spiritual development. From this foundation we encourage staff to share success and equip children to become independent, creative thinkers and learners for life and to develop the resilience to face the challenges of an ever-changing world.

We recognise and value the diversity of our school family and the uniqueness of each of its members. We ensure excellence in teaching and learning through teamwork, support, collaboration and effective leadership.

The school has a long, rich history and we actively encourage community involvement wherever possible. We achieve the best we can for our children by using the strength of partnership working with parents and others.

The Governing Body of Woodside Primary School 2021/22

Governor Name Governor Type Start Date Term of Office Responsibility Attendance
Melissa Chambers Staff  01/09/2021 4 Years Health & Safety 2 from 2
Sian Marshall- Chair Community  11/07/2018

4 Years

  2 from 2
Marino Buccolini Community 22/11/2021 4 Years  Wellbeing 1 from 1
Claudia Fleary - Tayabali Headteacher 03/09/2020 N/A - 2 from 2
Joel Luedtke Community 26/01/2022 4 Years -  
Vacancy Community        
Hana Patel Community 14/09/2020 4 Years Safeguarding  3 from 3
Vacancy Parent         
Valbona Sulaj Parent 05/05/2021 4 Years  SEND 2 from 2
Julie Newman  - Clerk to the Governing Body 

Governors resignations:

Teuilla Scott - Parent - resigned 3rd February 2022 (started 24/09/2020).  Declaration of interest 2020/21 - Wandle Valley school

Leanne Grice - Community Governor - resigned 7th October 2021.  Declarations of interest 2020/21 - Arts Council.

Glenn Lillo - Community Governor - resigned 30th September 2021.  Declarations of interest 2020/21 -  Oasis Academy head and wife employed at Woodside.  

Paul Dowie - Community Governor - resigned 31st August 2021.  Declarations of Interest 2020/21 - Music Education/Teaching

Joe Gaytten - Community Governor - resigned 31st August 2021.  Declarations of Interest 2020/21 - None

Glenn Lillo - Parent Governor - term ended 31st December 2020 - Declaration of Interest 2020/21 -  Head at Oasis Academy Wife employed at Woodside 

Liz Rankin- Appointed Governor- resigned 31st August 2020

Kim Meyler Vincent - Parent governor resigned 31st August 2020

Carly Walker - Appointed governor - term ended 31st August 2020

Kay Hancox - Chair - term ended 31st August 2020

Declaration of Pecuniary Interests from September 2021

Governor Name Governor Type Name of Business Nature of Business Declaration of Interest
Melissa Chambers Staff N/A N/A None 
Marino Buccolini Community  N/A N/A None
Joel Luedtke Community  N/A N/A None
Sian Marshall Community  N/A N/A None
Hana Patel  Community  N/A N/A None 
Tequilla Scott Parent Wandle Valley  Education Yes
Valbona Sulaj Parent  N/A N/A None
Claudia Fleary - Tayabali Head N/A N/A None
Julie Newman  Clerk N/A N/A None

Attendance at meeting from September 2020 to July 2021

Autumn Term Type LGB meetings 
Paul Dowie (Chair) Community  4 from 4
Melissa Chambers Staff 3 from 4
Joe Gaytten (Vice Chair) Community  3 from 4
Leanne Grice Community  4 from 4
Glenn Lillo (Parent term ended 31st December 2020) Community 4 from 4
Sain Marshall Community 4 from 4
Hana Patel  Community 4 from 4
Tequilla Scott Parent  3 from 4
Valbona Sulaj * (elected to attend 2 meeting in 2020/21) Parent   
Claudia Fleary - Tayabali Head Teacher 4 from 4


The governing body at The Woodside ensures that pupils are provided a high standard of education. Parents, staff and members of the community are invited to contact governors to express your views.

Are you interested in becoming a governor? We would be pleased to answer your questions. 

The Chair of Governors
Woodside Primary School
Morland Road 
Croydon  CR0 6NF